Burnout in the DA’s office: Job-related Stress and Social Support among Prosecutors

How To Apply

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Insun Park, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (Sociology and Criminal Justice) | ipark@uakron.edu

Project Description

Prosecutors are responsible for investigating and charging people with crimes on behalf of the government. They are known for handling a lot of cases, some of which involve high-profile offenders and such serious crimes as murder or sexual offenses. Prosecutors also face a tremendous amount of pressure to “win” their trials. This research project examines (1) the causes of job-related stress and burnout among prosecutors and (2) the extent to which providing social support helps relieve the negative impact of job-related stress among prosecutors. Despite the importance of prosecutors in our justice system, their job-related experiences have rarely been investigated. The goal of the project is to create a database of job-stress, burnout, and social support among prosecutors (approximately 900 participants). Student(s) will gain hands-on experience in conducting various stages of social scientific research. Interested students can participate in one or more tasks including organizing literature, data entry, preparing data for statistical analysis, and assisting with uni/bivariate data analysis. I will support any student who is interested in taking their skills to the next level and generating a professional poster or presentation with the data.

Project Dates

Spring and Summer 2020

Search Terms

Sociology, Criminal Justice, Non-Credit, Humanities & Social Sciences