Engineered Metamaterials with Unique Mechanical Behavior

How to Apply

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Dr. K.T. Tan (Mechanical Engineering) |

Graduate Student

Mehran Jaberzadeh |

Project Description

Metamaterials represent an innovative and emerging research field, where materials exhibit unique properties not commonly found in natural materials. In our study of mechanical metamaterials, we design structural materials with negative Poisson’s ratio and negative effective mass property, which can be achieved by careful design of man-made microstructures. Potential applications of mechanical metamaterials include impact protection, blast-wave mitigation, vibration control, and energy harvesting. In this project, students will conduct experimental testing and computational analysis at Prof. K.T. Tan’s Advanced Metacomposites Laboratory to investigate the negative Poisson’s ratio and negative effective mass property of mechanical metamaterials. This project aims to design and create experimental prototypes to demonstrate and realize the concept of mechanical metamaterials for real engineering applications. In recent years, interest expands to origami and kirigami metamaterials for impact protection.

Project Date

Fall 2019

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Advanced Materials, Sustainability, For Credit, Non-Funded, STEM