Measuring nutrient loads in the Lake Erie watershed with low cost spectroscopy equipment

How to Apply

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Dr. Adam W. Smith (Chemistry) |

Graduate Student

Paul Mallory |

Project Description

Harmful algal blooms are a regular occurance in Lake Erie. These result mainly from increased nutrients like inorganic phosphates and nitrates from agricultural runoff. Monitoring the nutrient levels is a key step to developing effective interventions, but large scale data has been challenging to collect. In this project the student will help in the development of low cost spectroscopy equipment to moniter nitrate and phosphate levels at local sites. The project is part of a collaborative effort to engage the public in the collection of the data. This citizen science approach connects people to their environment and provides data to inform public policy. Help is needed both the design of the equipment, optimizing the analytical protocols and/or in the public engagement aspects of the project.

Project Date

Fall 2019

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sustainability, chemistry, for credit, funded, stem