Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

Welcome to The University of Akron’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Undergraduates in any major are encouraged to seek out research experiences. Dozens of opportunities are available.

Three reasons why you should do research as an undergraduate:

  1. If you are unsure whether you want to major in a subject, a research experience can provide clarity. Too often, introductory courses for any discipline are unable to provide interested students the excitement of hands-on research, and thus students may decide wrongly that their major is “not for them.” Studies have shown that many who “stick it out” through early courses will go on to earn their degrees if they have an early experience with a research group. This is particularly true for students underrepresented in science (read article on this topic).
  2. Research can help you make a deeper connection to areas outside of your major. For instance, students in art, design, humanities and social sciences who participate in research can address real world challenges in ways that those without such experience cannot.
  3. Student research is also an important factor in being accepted into medical or other professional schools. Such schools highly value research experiences for undergraduates in their selection of candidates for admission. Additionally, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member here about a student in a research group can be persuasive to those making admission decisions at professional or graduate schools.

Students: How to Apply

Interested in participating in a research project? Contact the professor or graduate student listed on the project page.

If you have general questions about the UROP program, please contact your Department Advisors.

Faculty: Submit your Project

Do you have a research opportunity for undergraduates that should be added to this site? Complete the online project submission form.

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