Advanced Composite Materials in Extreme Environment

How to Apply

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Dr. K.T. Tan (Mechanical Engineering) |

Graduate Student

Isaiah Kaiser |

Project Description

Composite materials are commonly employed in modern aircraft structures and in many aerospace applications like engine casing, fan-blades, etc. This is attributed to their high strength-weight ratio and high stiffness-weight ratio, making composites extremely light, yet exceptionally strong. However, the use of composites makes them susceptible to damage, which could result in complex failure mechanisms like delamination, matrix cracking, fiber debonding, fiber fracture, etc. Furthermore, composite parts are often operating at extreme temperature environment, thus causing the damage behavior of the material to be particularly complicated. In this project, students will conduct experimental testing and computational analysis at Prof. K.T. Tan’s Advanced Metacomposites Laboratory to investigate the behavior of advanced composite materials in extreme environment. In recent years, study expands to low temperature arctic conditions for naval applications.

Project Date

Fall 2021

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