Biomimetic Structures for Impact Protection

How to Apply

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Dr. K.T. Tan (Mechanical Engineering) |

Graduate Student

Arnob Banik |

Project Description

The concept of biomimicry is solving problems and creating new opportunities through understanding and applying biological models. Very often, innovation inspired by nature and careful examination of the natural world are potential ways to seek solution to real-world problems. In this project, students will conduct experimental testing and computational analysis at Prof. K.T. Tan’s Advanced Metacomposites Laboratory to investigate the amazing structure of biological models. In recent years, studies have involved hedgehog spines and horse hooves. Hedgehog spines have complex internal structure which allows them to act as efficient lightweight shock-absorber, as well as being effective as a deterrent against many predators. Horse hooves have the ability to divert crack and fracture, thus making them damage tolerant and impact resistant. This project aims to seek bioinspiration to design and recreate a biomimetic, damage tolerant structure that is highly effective in absorbing impact shock load.

Project Date

Fall 2021

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Advanced Materials, Biomimicry, For Credit, Non-Funded, STEM