Biomimetic Structures for Aerospace Applications

How to Apply

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Dr. K.T. Tan (Mechanical Engineering) |

Graduate Student

Arnob Banik |

Project Description

The concept of biomimicry is solving problems and creating new opportunities through understanding and applying biological models. Very often, innovation inspired by nature and careful examination of the natural world are potential ways to seek solution to real-world problems. In this project, students will conduct experimental testing and computational analysis at Prof. K.T. Tan’s Advanced Metacomposites Laboratory to investigate the amazing bone structure of biological models with flight capability. Structures and materials for aerospace applications (i.e. aircraft designs) are characterized by their high strength-to-weight and high stiffness-to-weight ratio. This project seeks to study bone structures of birds and characterize their unique morphological structure to flight performance. Specifically, students will perform a thorough review to understand the bone structure to flight function characteristics for a range of bird mass (from small birds like the hummingbird to large predators like the bald eagle). This project aims to seek inspiration to design and recreate a biomimetic, energy efficient, light-weight high-strength aerospace structure.

Project Date

Fall 2021

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Advanced Materials, Biomimicry, For Credit, Non-Funded, STEM