Biomass-based Fillers for Polymers

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Dr. Erol Sancaktar (Polymer Engineering) |

Graduate Students

Stephen Riley |
Udayan Dabke |
Mohammed Al-Salloum |

Project Description

Pyrolyzed (process of low or no oxygen thermal decomposition –carbonization- to convert biomass into clean and renewable carbon products) biomass obtained from agricultural products such as soybean hulls, sorghum etc., is used as a renewable, low cost and eco-friendly material which has large potential for reinforcement or functionality-inducing (such as electrical, thermal conductivity) filler for polymeric materials. For example, even if the pyrolized biomass extended composites of polyolefins constitute a small percentage of total production (say 10%), the added value to the related agricultural producers can amount to approximately ten billion dollars considering that pyrolized bimass can be added in up to 50 wt% proportions to the composites of PE, PP and other polyolefins.

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