Early Modern Recipes Online Collective (EMROC)

How To Apply

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Dr. Hillary Nunn, Professor (English) | nunn@uakron.edu

Project Description

The Early Modern Recipes Online Collective (EMROC) is a long-term project looks to include scholars, students and the general public in the preservation, transcription and analysis of recipes written in English from circa 1550-1800. The ultimate goal is an accessible and searchable corpus of recipe books currently in manuscript. By enabling users to search by ingredient, date, process, person, disease, and type, we will be able to learn a lot about how early modern people interacted with each other and with their environments. Undergraduates can take up a variety of projects in relation to EMROC, including transcription and text encoding in XML, and/or research in early modern, women’s, and medical history. For more, see https://emroc.hypotheses.org

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Humanities, Non-Credit, Non-Funded, Humanities & Social Sciences