Smart genomics to develop plant based vaccines

How to Apply

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Dr. Ajay Mahajan (Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering) |

Graduate Student

Padmini Selvaganesan |

Project Description

This project entails developing plant based vaccines using smart genomics. Vaccines are essential for protecting all segments of the civilian population from pandemic influenza to other emerging infectious diseases. This work, in particular, supports advanced development activities of medical countermeasures for influenza and other respiratory viruses, with cost effective approaches that improve pandemic influenza preparedness and rapid response capabilities. The use of genomic technologies to create the vaccines in lettuce a) improves vaccine effectiveness, b) modernizes production processes to decrease response time, c) increases and diversifies sustainable domestic vaccine manufacturing infrastructure, and d) creates simpler delivery approaches that are more amenable to mass vaccinations in a response event, especially delivery to at-risk populations such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, and persons with compromised immune systems. The project includes developing genomic constructs, printing them, then growing the plants, extracting the vaccines and conducting animal trials.

Project Date

Spring 2020

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