Tunning Fluorescence through Controlling Intramolecular distance between AIE groups within Metal-Organic Cages

How to Apply

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Dr. Tianbo Liu (Polymer Science) | tliu@uakron.edu

Graduate Student

Yuqing Yang | Yy43@zips.uakron.edu

Project Description

Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) has received great attention since AIE makes it possible to actively utilize the aggregation process, which against the well-known aggregation-caused quench (ACQ). However, the mechanism of AIE is still under debate. It’s well-known that the emission property of an AIEgen is highly related to the structure of aggregates, within which the distances and interactions between individuals are hard to tell. Here, we designed specific metal-organic cages, which can accurately control the distances between the AIEgens by using particular ligands with different lengths. By shorten the distances between the AIEgens, the relationship between fluorescence emission and interactions among AIEgens would become more clear. Better understandings on mechanism of fluoresnce emission can be gained throught the study of these metal-organic cages with distance well-controlled AIE ligands.

Project Dates

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Search Terms

Physical Chemistry, STEM