Universal compatibilizers for plastic waste recycling

How To Apply

Interested in participating in this research project? Contact the professor or graduate student listed below.


Dr. James M. Eagan (Department of Polymer Science) | eagan@uakron.edu

Graduate Student

Abhishek Banerjee | ab354@uakron.edu

Project Description

Plastic waste recycling is plagued by imperfect sorting processes which leaves recycling feeds contaminated with polymers of different molecular composition. These blends have thermodynamic driving forces to phase separate and entropic forces which produce weak interfaces between the materials. As a result, mechanical strength of the materials is very poor and recycled plastics behave as brittle low value scrap. This project investigates the use of novel compatibilizer materials to reinforce these interfaces and transform waste plastic into ductile high-value plastics. Key skill-sets you will develop include, chemical synthesis, air-free techniques, polymer blending, and tensile testing. Completion of organic chemistry and laboratory classes is mandatory.

Project Dates

Summer 2020, Fall 2021

Search Terms

Advanced Materials, Chemistry, Sustainability, For Credit, STEM