Evaluating materials for jet engine and hypersonic applications

How to Apply

Interested in participating in this research project? Contact the professor or graduate student listed below.


Dr. Gregory Morscher (Mechanical Engineering) | gm33@uakron.edu

Graduate Students

Ragav Panakarajupally | rp95@zips.uakron.edu
Joseph El Rassi | jwe18@zips.uakron.edu

Project Description

There are a variety of material and testing concepts being pursued for high temperature, extreme environments with stress for a number of advanced materials (high temperature ceramic composites and coatings) research projects. Depending on the level of involvement and background, undergraduate work would include (1) developing aspects (design, modification, build) of burner rig and/or furnace testing to best quantify test conditions (temperature gradient, environment, thermo-mechanical stress-time cycles, etc…) and/or (2) measurement and characterization of materials performance under specific extreme environment condition(s).

Project Date

Fall 2019 and onward. It is possible that there could be two or three different opportunities.

Search Terms

advanced materials, high temperature stressed-oxidation, for credit, non-credit, funded, non-funded