Next generation nanocomposites based on 2D polymers and 2D inorganic materials

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Weinan Xu, Assistant Professor (Polymer Engineering) |

Graduate Student

Pratik Kasbe |

Project Description

Graphene, boron nitride, dichalcogenides and other inorganic 2D layered materials (2DLM) have atomically thin structure with unique electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical properties, and have already been extensively explored for electronics, sensing, catalysis and biomedical applications. On the other hand, in the polymer world, there is an emerging class of 2D polymers with analog structure to 2D layered materials. A 2D polymer is a covalently linked or coordination bonded network of monomers with periodic bonding in two orthogonal directions. This project will explore new methods for the synthesis of 2D polymers, as well as their integration with 2DLM for ultrathin organic/inorganic hybrid structures. The assembly of 2D polymer on 2DLM will be studied with advanced surface characterization techniques such as small angle X-ray and neutron scattering, high resolution atomic force microscope. The integration of 2D polymers with inorganic 2DLM has promising applications in molecular separation and biosensing.

Project Dates

Spring 2020, Summer 2020

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Advanced Materials, Biomedical, Biomimicry, Chemistry, For Credit, Non-Credit, Non-Funded, STEM