Photo-Programmable Biohybrid Microstructures

How to Apply

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Dr. Amir Nourhani (Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center) |

Project Description

The project consists of designing and fabricating photo-programmable microstructures consist of microfluidic ecosystem and interacting biological species. The biohybrid system exploits power, sensing and navigation of the biological components and the sensivity of the photo-active parts to tune the dynamics of species within the micro-ecosystem. We design the microstructures using SolidWorks and fabricate them using stereolithography 3D printing, and other microfluidic fabrication techniques. An important element of the project is material deign using different UV-crosslinkable polymers and tuning the parameters of the 3D printer. Further material treatment may be needed to enhance biocompatibility. We will use computer coding to desing physical stimuli and for extensive data analysis.

Project Dates

Fall 2019, Spring 2020

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Advanced Materials, Biomimicry, Microfluidics, For Credit, Funded, STEM