Design of polyester scaffolds for encapsulation and release of therapeutics

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Dr. Abraham Joy (Polymer Science) |

Graduate Student

Mangaldeep Kundu |

Project Description

In several biomedical indications, it is advantageous to deliver a therapeutic in a sustained manner. Certain therapeutics such as proteins are unstable in physiological environments and very expensive to produce and hence methods that increase their lifetime in vivo would be advantageous. Sustained delivery of small molecule therapeutics would improve patient compliance. Incorporating therapeutics within polymer matrices represents a viable method for extending the lifetime and efficacy of therapeutics. The nature of the therapeutic and desired release kinetics will determine the methodology for incorporation within these polymers. For example, encapsulation of proteins cannot involve the use of organic solvents, heat or othe common fabrication technologies. Small molecule incorporation must result in substantial improvement in the release kinetics. The Joy Lab has developed a platform of polyesters and polyurethanes that are being utilized for the incorporation and sustained delivery of therapeutics. The undergraduate student working on the project will work specifically towards the synthesis of the polymers, incorporation of the therapeutic within the polymer and analyze the release kinetics. The student will gain experience in synthesis and characterization of polymers and in the analysis and interpretation of experimental data.

Project Dates

Spring or Summer 2020

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