Effect of Nanofiber layer patterned stripes on filter performance

How to Apply

Interested in participating in this research project? Contact the professor or graduate student listed below.


Dr. George Chase (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) | gchase@uakron.edu

Graduate Student

Wenqi Li | wl27@zips.uakron.edu

Project Description

Nanofibers have different wetting properties than glass fibers used in common filter media. Recent works with modifying surface properties of filter media shows non-wetting chemical coatings applied in striped patterns can improve performance of coalescing filters. The hypothesis for this work is the nanofibers which enhance wetting properties and droplet capture will similary improve filter performance if applied in striped patterns.

Experiments will be conducted for capture of liquid aerosol droplets in air flow. Stripe dimensions and patterns will be varied. Experiments will also include multilayer filter media to study the effects of stripe patterns in the filter depth.

Project Date

Spring 2020 or sooner.

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