To investigate the osmoregulatory conditions of fluids associated with syringomyelia pathology in the PTSM rat model (In vivo study)

How to Apply

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Dr. Nic Leipzig (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) |

Graduate Student

Dipak Pukale |

Project Description

The following question to be answered in this project:

What is the osmolality of CSF, extracellular fluid (ECF), fluid from syrinx in syringomyelia/PTSM rats?

The fluids mentioned above will be harvested from the rats having syringomyelia, the osmolality of those fluids will be determined using osmometer. The study of osmolality of fluids will explain the potential syrinx formation/expansion mechanism

a. CSF – using an intrathecal catheter at the endpoint (non-survival surgery)

b. ECF – harvest from the tissue around syrinx 

c. Fluid from syrinx – trace syrinx using an ultrasonic probe and take out the fluid from syrinx

Undergrad student will assist to graduate student in animal handling, surgery preparation, post-operational care and analysis of fluids for osmolality. 

Project Dates

Spring 2020
Summer 2020

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