Productive Uncertainty in a Laboratory Setting (PULSe): Engaging Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in Scientific Research

How To Apply

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Dr. Ruel McKenzie (Polymer Engineering) |

Project Description

Peer mentors/research assistants are sought for the PULSe program. Those with ASD have particular modes of thinking and learning that is outside the realm of standard pedagogical practices. In the proper environment, these modes may help those with ASD to flourish. However, they are normally disadvantaged in basic learning environments. Academia is not wholly equipped to instill and help develop the necessary tools for ASD students to effectively function in society. Our aim is to bridge the learning gap. The PULSe program is tiered into discrete levels over the course of the academic year to nurture the capacity for an ASD student to productively manage uncertainty in a laboratory setting by developing an exploratory research project of their own interest. The program is individualized to meet the needs of the ASD participant. This program aims to develop effective pedagogical tools to equip ASD students with the training necessary for high-level activity in scientific research environments and to use scientific research as a social motivational tool. As such, the preferred peer mentors/research assistants should major in Education, Anthropology, Sociology or Psychology. This role will assist, monitor and document progress in the development of productive uncertainty for the ASD participant. The peer mentor/research assistant is key to the success of this program as their role is to essentially function as an intermediary for the ASD participant in the development of effective and transformative intervention strategies.

Project Dates

Open until further notice

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