Synthesis and Characterization of (Potentially Novel) Elastomeric Compounds

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Dr. Ruel McKenzie (Polymer Engineering) |

Graduate Student

Joshua Seylar |

Project Description

Our group has recently discovered a material system that potentially may have elastomeric properties. The Internation Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) defines an elastomer as a polymer that displays rubber-like elasticity, i.e. high viscoelasticity with weak intermolecular forces. We are seeking a highly motivated and ambitious student to assist us in exploring this material system for its potential elastomeric properties and to help us elucidate the rational design of such a material system through characterization of the material properties of various molecular constructs. A brief literature review has led us to become encouraged in the novelty of this system but more important the potential in rationally designing an elastomer with a range of mechanical properties. It is further hypothesized that certain physical interactions in this system may be responsible for the elastomeric properties, therefore this project will primarily focus on deriving the structure-property-function relationships through manipulation of these physical interactions. This project involves some synthetic chemistry in producing the desired polymer construct but will be primarily focused on characterizing the material using a variety of techniques and should appeal to students with an interest in materials science.

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Open until further notice

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